Holy Mass Celebrant and Homilist

The Most Reverend Peter J. Jugis, Bishop of Charlotte

A Charlotte native, Bishop Jugis is the fourth bishop of the Diocese of Charlotte. Ordained a priest in 1983 by Pope John Paul II, Bishop Jugis has served in parishes throughout the diocese. Under Bishop Jugis' guidance the diocese began holding the annual Eucharistic Congress in 2005.

Video of Bishop Jugis' 2016 Eucharistic Congress Homily



Friday Night Sacred Scripture Study

Father Jeff Kirby

 With Our Lady in Spiritual Battle

Father Jeff Kirby is a Catholic priest of the Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina. He shepherds two parishes in north-central South Carolina. He holds a doctorate in moral theology from the Holy Cross University in Rome and a Master of Arts in Philosophy from the Franciscan University of Steubenville. Father Kirby serves as an Adjunct Professor of Theology at Belmont Abbey College and has authored several books, including Lord, Teach Us to Pray (2014), 101 Surprising Facts about St. Peter’s and the Vatican (2015), The Life and Witness of St. Maria Goretti (2015), and Doors of Mercy: A Journey Through Salvation History (2016).

Fr. Kirby seeks to live and exercise his priestly ministry in such a way as to exemplify the positive role religion can play in society, as well as to highlight the mutual service that both Church and State can render to one another. In this effort, Father Kirby works to apply and teach the spiritual patrimony of the Catholic Church and the overall contribution of the human spirit to the human narrative.

Hall A

College Night

Grand Ballroom 9:15 PM Friday Evening September 9


Holy Hour Homilist

"This is My Body"

Fr. Pawe ł Rytel-Andrianik

Fr. Paweł Rytel-Andrianik is the spokesman for the Polish Episcopal Conference.He holds Doctoral degrees in Biblical Theology and Oriental studies from the Franciscan Biblical University in Jerusalem and the Oxford University. Fr. Rytel – Andrianik speaks a few dozen foreign languages, especially English, Italian, Spanish, French and the modern Hebrew. He is a lecturer at the Papal University of the Holy Cross in Rome. He is the author of three books and over 300 articles about life of the Church, biblical studies and Jewish studies.

Video of Fr. Andrianik Talk



Father John Paul Mary

Rev. Fr. John Paul Mary, MFVA was born and raised in New Freedom, Pennsylvania.  Feeling a call to the priesthood he became a seminarian for the Diocese of Harrisburg, PA shortly after his receiving his formal training as an engineer.  During his philosophical studies at the Pontifical College Josephinum, he visited the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word.  Following his graduation from Seminary, he entered the MFVA community in October 2004 and he professed final vows on August 14, 2010.  On June 22, 2013 he was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Robert Baker.  Father now serves as the Director of the EWTN Pilgrimage Department, and at the Shrine of Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama.

Hall A

Seven Steps to Help Young People Return to the Church

Brandon Vogt

Brandon Vogt is a bestselling author, blogger, and speaker. He works as the Content Director for Bishop Robert Barron’s Word on Fire Catholic Ministries. Brandon’s writing and speaking talents have been featured by several media outlets including NPR, FoxNews, CBS, EWTN, Vatican Radio, Our Sunday Visitor, National Review, and Christianity Today. He is also a regular guest on Catholic radio. Brandon is one of the Top 30 Catholics Under 30 and one of the Top 24 Catholics to Follow on Twitter.

Visit Brandon’s website: http://brandonvogt.com/

Hall A 1:15 pm, Saturday September 10
Introduction to Catholic Apologetics

Anthony Digmann

Anthony Digmann is a  husband and father of a young family, Anthony has served professionally since 2006 as a Catholic high school theology teacher and parish Director of Religious Education. His education includes a Master of Arts in Theology and a double major Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and Electronic Media Communications with a minor in Ethics.

Anthony is the author of Sign of Contradiction: Contraception, Family Planning, & Catholicism (One More Soul, 2015) as well as articles for diocesan periodicals and the Chastity Project. He has appeared as a special guest on EWTN, Radio Maria, and Iowa Catholic Radio.

Anthony is also the founder and Chief Executive Manager of Capture This Video Productions. His only sibling is a priest in the Archdiocese of Dubuque, and his father is a professed religious brother with Genmary Home Missioners. Anthony may be one of the few people in the world who can say, "I have a Father for a brother and a Brother for a father."

Hall A 2:30 pm, Saturday September 9

Spanish Track

  Hector Tobo

Hector Tobo

El Abrigo de la Misericordia

Cantautor católico nacido en Chiquinquirá- Colombia,  tierra de la Virgen Patrona de este país.

Inicia sus actividades musicales a los 11 años, y despues de un llamado  de la Santisima Virgen María toma la decisión de poner su don al servicio de Dios.

Su trayectoria de 15 años como evangelizador y predicador, le ha permitido llegar a países como España, Estados Unidos, Mexico,  Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Brasil y Argentina, enfocando su musica en la Santa Eucaristia, también en trabajos sociales dentro de las  carceles, hospitales, comunidades, empresas y conciertos en diferentes auditorios.

Ha realizado en los últimos 5 años cerca de 500 recitales  titulados “EL CAMINO DEL AMOR”, fortaleciendo temas como la unión de la familia, resolución de conflictos, ética y valores y todo aquello que invita a un acercamiento a Dios.

Su ministerio musical  está orientado y guiado por la iglesia católica a través del sacerdote Diocesano Luis Sabino Cuellar, así como por las comunidades Vicentinas en Colombia.

Hall C - 11:30 Sabado, 10 Septeimbre

Visita el sitio web de Héctor: http://www.hectortobo.com/

 Padre Julio Zafra

La Misericordia, Escuela de Humanización y Santificación.

Recibió su ordenación sacerdotal en la Basílica Catedral de Lima, el 16 de julio de 1998, por manos del Señor Cardenal Augusto Vargas Alzamora.
Estudio su Bachiller en Teología por la Facultad de Teología Pontificia y Civil de Lima y obtuvo su doctorado en Derecho Canónico por la Universidad de Navarra en el 2004 y su Bachiller en derecho civil en la Universidad de San Martín de Porres en el 2015.
Ha sido formador propedéutico, notario eclesiástico en la curia diocesana de Lima, Formador en el seminario Mayor de su diócesis y profesor del Instituto Superior  de Estudios Eclesiásticos.
Actualmente desarrolla su ministerio como Juez del Tribunal Eclesiástico Inter-diocesano de Lima y Párroco de la parroquia de la Virgen Dolorosa en el Perú.

Hall C - 11:30 Sabado,  10 Septiembre


P. Roberto Yenny García

"Testigos de la Misericordia"

El padre Roberto Yenny es sacerdote de la Diócesis de Tampico (México). Obtuvo una Licenciatura en Teología Moral en Roma, una Maestría en Terapia Familiar y una Maestría en Consejería y relación de ayuda. Ha dictado diferentes conferencias, es articulista en periódicos de su localidad y escribió el libro: “Reconciliadores: Pequeño Manual para Confesores”. Ha sido párroco, responsable de la pastoral juvenil y la pastoral carcelaria, así como de la formación permanente del clero. Actualmente es Rector del Seminario Diocesano, Consejero Pastoral y maestro de Filosofía y Teología en el Seminario.

Hall C - 12:30 Sabado, 10 Septeimbre

P. Julio César Domínguez

"La Importancia del Perdón"

P. Julio C. Domínguez, sacerdote diocesano de la diócesis de Charlotte. Miembro activo del Consejo presbiteral y miembro del consejo de consultores y promoción de vocaciones. Padre Julio ha trabajado en varias parroquias y es un promotor muy activo de la adoración al Santísimo Sacramento. Ha sido encargado del Congreso Eucarístico en la parte Hispana desde que comenzó la organización del Congreso, añadiendo la hora Santa en el salón Hispano a petición de muchos fieles que lo estaban pidiendo.
El tema de éste año para la hora Eucarística será: "La Importancia del Perdón" reflexionando en el perdón que Dios nos da y el verdadero perdón que nosotros debemos dar a nuestros hermanos.

Hall C - 2:30  Sabado, 10 Septiembre

High School Track

Star Wars: A Catholic Perspective

Anthony Digmann

Anthony Digmann is the founder and Chief Executive Manager of Capture This Video Productions. His only sibling is a priest in the Archdiocese of Dubuque, and his father is a professed religious brother with Genmary Home Missioners. Anthony may be one of the few people in the world who can say, "I have a Father for a brother and a Brother for a father."

Adam Trufant with G.K. and the ChesterTones

Adam Trufant lives in Brevard, NC and currently works as Program Director for  Camps Kahdalea for girls and Camp Chosatonga for boys. In 2010, Adam graduated from Belmont Abbey College with a degree in Political Science and a double minor in Philosophy and Theology. His deep interests in outdoor education and ministry have brought him
 to work in various ministries and adventure companies in Central America, Asia, and Oceana. Over the last decade, Adam has participated in and facilitated many programs growing a culture of life, including the Louisiana March for Life. Adam returns to the  Charlotte Diocesan Eucharistic Congress grateful for the opportunity to worship with you!

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